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C1600 Clamshell Sabre £2250

An attractive and unique clamshell sabre, this piece could be dating from the 1580's to the 1630's and is a great example of a Spanish or Italian style sword from the golden age of piracy.

These swords were often used by career soldiers, officers and the military nobility of the 17th century both in Europe, at sea and in colonial conflicts in the Americas.

Much like the broadsword posted earlier it has a rather attractive hilt of a type that can be seen in a painting by Eugenio Caxés commemorating the siege of San Juan in Puerto Rico in 1625 though this piece has extra bars which could be considered a nod towards a Neapolitan maker or owner similar to certain c1600 rapiers from Naples.

The blade on this piece has a rather broad blade with "Solingen en Alamania" inscribed over both sides.

This sword is in good solid condition for its age with one visible chip to the blade.

This sword can be yours for £2250 or best offer.

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