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An Afghan Generals Mameluke £450

A rather interesting and rare sword by all accounts, what at first appears to be a 1831 Mameluke sabre but everything is slightly different.

The etchings you would expect to see are rather chiselwork, where you would see the British crown is rather the flag of the Emirate of Afghanistan above some script reading Kabul made, 1907.

This sabre has been used with a fair amount of edge damage and would have been carried by a General or general staff officer in the period of the Khost Rebellion and the Third Anglo Afghan War which famously won Afghanistan its independence.

The grips are replacements, the ivory most likely being removed to import it to the UK. There is a small chip to the grip.

This rare sword can be yours for £450 or best offer.

This will be in both the British and Ethnographic arms categories as it is both a British pattern and a sword of the Emirate of Afghanistan.



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