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A 1780's British Military Smallsword £320

A very unique sword that is not exactly a pattern of sword and falls in the few decades before regulation came into place. This swords hilt is stylistically the type that the 1788 pattern which is an ebonized reeded or ribbed grip, from dated swords I have seen this style as early as the 1760's but they became far more common later. This hilt style was very common among swords created by Wooley. This sword is a smallsword blade likely far older than the hilt as suggested by the faint armoury marks on the flat of the hexagon, the gentlemans choice of sidearm in civilian dress so understandable as a weapon when entering the service. There is a chance this is a pre-regulation Master At Arms sword as there are some references to them using a black gripped smallsword before the 1805 regulation Jr Officer or MAA sword came into use. This sword is £400 or best offer. Reduced to £320 for Swordvent!


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