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1680 Model Epee De Soldat £750

One of the first patterns of military swords made shortly after the introduction of the French Walloon style hilts, the French 1680 model was created to make an infantry, other ranks and rear echelon foot soldiers sword that could be manufactured in France. These pieces were made between 1680 and the late 1760's. The more common model is an all brass cast hilt, this piece has a horn and wire wrap grip. The sword has a well used blade that has been sharpened and ground down, this sword likely dating to between 1700 to 1730 and has a nice early marked blade with a fleur de lis over an initial or maker mark.

These swords bridge the gap between smallsword, spadroon and broadsword with many blades being very large. Potentially this sword started out broader as the scabbard is a touch loose and there is a taper on the blade from the guard where it has been sharpened. This sword is in good condition for its age with some cosmetic aging.

Note: This sword may be in the style of the 1680 Mle Epee De Soldat as the Fleur De Lis armoury mark was used on blades sold in England too. This points to an earlier blade which interestingly is in a sword that is either a very interesting Epee De Soldat or made to be a period facsimile. This sword can be yours for £750 or best offer.

Order Code: TTSG2154

This sword is reduced to £600 for Swordvent!


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