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1796 Infantry Sword By Wooley And Deakin £345

Here we have a nice infantry officers Spadroon, a common form of sword from the late 18th and early 19th centuries used prominently during the Napoleonic wars by armies on both sides of the conflict but most recognisably the British (and their German allies) and by the French. This is the 1796 Infantry Officers sword and a nice sturdy example of a good combat sword, the sword is essentially a backsword with a copromised guard, it is a cut and thrust blade made by the blade makers Woolley and Deakin, pointing to this sword being made between 1796 and 1808. This sword is odd and most definitely a custom sword which points to it being an early production when the makers may have still been playing around with their standard patterns. The guard for instance is plain on the outside and reinforced on the inside. The blade is stiffer than many lending itself to the thrust. This spadroon was made by the manufacturers of blades Wooley and Deakin (Wooley being one of the most prominent makers at the time who often worked in partnership) so can be dated to before 1803. This sword can be yours for £345.

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