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1751 Pattern Infantry Hanger £475

An increacingly uncommon 1751 pattern hanger, these swords were carried by all British other ranks of the period as a sidearm to be used alongside the musket and the bayonet. These short sabres or hangers were used prominently and unoficcially during the Jacobite rebellion of 1746 before being made British military pattern by parlimentary order, all soldiers in the British forces carried a sword until the end of the 18th century and even so soliders of the rifles continued to be offered a sidearm. This sword has been marked with the running fox which is often associated with either Samuel Harvey or the blademakers of Shotley Bridge. The quillon is marked with a Y for most likely Yeomanry but also possibly Yorkshire. The sword comes with a refurbished scabbard that has had the original leather restitched and treated along with the original brass fittings. This sword can be yours for £475


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