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C1700 French Forte Epee £700

A rather fun example of a sword carried by the French musketeers or cavalry soldiers of Pre Revolutionary France. This can be dated to before 1767 as the later ones introduced on that date were shorter and lighter.

These swords are typical of the transitional rapiersnused in Europe at the end of the 17th and beginning of the 18th centuries combining the oversized smallsword hilt of the transitional rapier and the longer and heavier blade of the military sword. This style is what eventually evolved into examples of swords like the 1796 heavy cavalry officers sword.

The sword is highly decorated with fleur de lis and cavalrymen.

The blade is likely 17th century judging from the armourers mark on it.

This piece has a twistwire grip that has some of its original glue underneath but is loose in some parts. The blade is in good condition for its age.

This sword can be yours got £700 or best offer.


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