For the 24th day of Swordvent and Christmas Eve I bring you four lots. These are appearing slightly later as they are all researched and named pieces and to a part of military history often forgotten, the ancillaries.

Tonight there will be a group of shooting trophies to a soldier who served as a common soldier and a commissioner officer, in the cavalry, artillery and infantry, an expert marksman who was prevented from going to the front lines of WW1 to train teenage conscripts.

Also there will be a few items belonging to a Royal Navy Surgeon who experienced the world despite only living to 37, fighting in the Carribbean, exploring the Arctic, excavating Troy, painting harrowing and beautiful works and finally disappearing mysteriously.

There will be a sword to a Veterinary Surgeon who after signing on with the Honourable Artillery Company ended up serving in two campaigns in the frought north Western frontier.

Lastly the rifle of a famous British military surgeon presented to him after meritorious service in the Hazara expedition.