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WW2 Japanese Army Gunto £850

Another example of the Japanese WW2 Gunto, the katana used by Imperial Army land forces. This one is a rather basic example with a mid to late war machined blade that has been sharpened for service.

The castings have lost some of the fine details of the early war pieces but are still clear and crisp. The sword is in good polish. Likewise the scabbard is in good condition with a nice aged leather feeling with only a touch of dryness near the throat. The scabbard neck has been padded with some silk, I have been told that some examples have the name of the officer who surrendered it written on there in the hopes that they would get their sword back post-war, I have taken a look but I could not see a signature however the silk is quite fragile so I did not disturb it too much. The hilt is stuck in the handle most likely due to moisture expanding the wood and or it being rusted in there.

This sword can be yours for £850 or best offer.


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