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Unique 1845 Pattern Sabre £395

A rather fun 1845 pattern sabre I have had in my collection for a while that I am ready to see go to another custodian. The sabre is a relatively standard 1845 pattern infantry officers sabre with some interesting quirks, the sword has a steel scabbard with a side loop more akin to those found on a frog belt but I have seen these on artillery officers swords dating to the 1850's. The sword also has a scarf weld where it has been snapped and repaired, something not often seen in British swords and possibly indicative of it being repaired on campaign where there were no spare swords available.

The sword has a trade blade with the mark CS&S on the back edge and a faint retailers mark, the name is obscured but was based out of 11 Hannover Street retailers This sword can be yours for £395 or best offer.

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