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The Trophies of Major Purvis

These trophies belong to major Robert Walter Purvis show one of the most varied careers I have ever seen.

Purvis started his career as a private in the Scottish Militia by latest 1887 as we can see from his trophy, he first appears as an officer as a Leuitenant of the South East Of Scotland Artilliery Militia before moving on to the Provisional Regiment of Lancers, later the Imperial Yeomanry for service in the Boer War.

After his return from the Boer War he Joined the 4th Hussars, presumably using his service in the Imperial Yeomanry to get himself a coveted cavalry position until 1905 when he joined the Gordon Highlanders. At the start of WW1 he was moved as Major to the 11th Reserve Battalion Gordon Highlanders as the rest of his regiment went off to the front lines. The 11th Gordon Highlanders then became the 42nd Training Reserve Battalion and eventually the 53rd Young Soldier battalion where it seems his job went from being expert marksman and veteran of the Boer to sending young conscripts to the front lines.

These trophies vary from him as a private citizen in 1887, a Private in the Militia, all the way the way through to him being a Major in the Highlanders in 1909. The trophies are engraved with his various regimental associations as well as the Glenalmond OTC.

There is one sterling silver piece and four plated pieces. There is a martini glass, three goblets and a vase. This set of trophies Can be yours for £550 or best offer.

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