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Sword of Pte. Edmund Price £945

Not a sword I was expecting to put up for sale so soon but needs must and it is good for you. Here is an exceptional named sword to Private Edmund Price, Service No. 1056 of the 8th Hussars . He was a veteran of the Indian Mutiny and also a member of the Light Brigade in the Crimean War.

This sword has been stamped with the name of its owner and was likely present when the owner was taking part in actions at Gwalior and then cavalry actions against rebel forces throughout central India as well as in combat against the Russians in Crimea.

The sword has been service sharpened but has blunted with age as would be expected, the guard is slightly larger than other 1853 Patterns. The name is stamped along the rear of the sword grip and there are various markings on the sword. In good condition with age related cosmetic wear. This one of a kind sword can be yours for £945 or best offer.

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