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1821 Pttn Sabre To F. S. Daubeney £800

This is a rather fascinating sabre, an 1821 Heavy Cavalry sword to Major Frederick Sykes Daubeney who when researching caused some confusion as he had only ever been an infantry officer. Much to my surprise, this is the sword he purchased after becoming one of Queen Victoria's ceremonial bodyguards, The Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms a unit of bodyguards that has been in continuous existence since 1509 and at the time was limited to about forty to fifty officers. As a young man Daubney served in the First Opium War and was noted for carrying the colours in the Battle of Chinkiang under fire with the colours themselves taking two cannon shots, during the 55th Regiment of Foot's actions in China which led to the British victory.

The sword is what you would expect for a high quality wilkinson sword, there is some ageing to the plating and the sword has been remounted on the hilt at some point with a reinforced pommel nut. This sword can be yours for £800 or best offer.


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