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P1853 Sergeants Carbine £675

This is an example of a two-band sergeants’ Enfield service musket.

The barrel is heavily stamped by the Victorian inspectors, over the years and serial numbered in the front of the fixed rear sight “401”. On the left side of the sight is named “T.S. Ben”. The barrel’s tang is stamped behind the alignment marks “89”. The lock plate is stamped VR beneath the crown, “1857 TOWER” and crown above the broad arrow. The second band is also stamped with a pair of inspectors marks.

These were carried in the mid to late 19th centuries by NCO's, the late 18th century had led to NCO's switching out their halberds or spontoons to cut down Brown Bess, more commonly among some regiments than others, this trend continued later on with NCO's getting the short rifles whilst their men had three band long rifled muskets. This piece can be yours for £675

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