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Mhadist Short Devotional Kaskara

Here we have a fun one, a devotional kaskara. The kaskara is a type of sword native to Sudan and in history was mistakenly believed to have been copied from the Crusaders, this sword however appears to have organically developed in Sudan as they like their blades straight and long, these were used for fighting, hunting elephants and lastly as devotional weapons. These pieces were carried by the Sudanese Dervishes who fought in the Mhadist armies of the late 19th century, warriors who famously broke the British square not once but twice in the Mhadist uprising. The blade bears religious script and would have been carried as a religious piece as well as badge of social status, this one doesn't seem particularly well suited to being a weapon but it could be used as one in a time of need. The grip is crocodile hide with the claws still attached at the pommel.

This sword can be yours for £245 or best offer.


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