M1909 Ottoman Cavalry Sabre

This is easily my favourite sabre made just before WW1, when the world was developing the last generation of cavalry swords they created Models and Patterns which amalgamated the lance and sword and largely created spikes, the Ottomans however created a great sword.

The M1909 is overall a good sword, it has the same basic shape of the C1900 cavalry swords the world developed but this one just feels right. The guard is a beautiful rolled edge shell with the Star and Crescent of Turkey, the grip is knurled and even the section for thumb placement has knurling on the full width tang.

This sword has a pipeback blade with some flex but a great edge. These swords were made by Carl Eickhorn and he stamped his makers mark and year of manufacture in Ottoman script. The sword has some cosmetic wear but is otherwise solid. This sword can be yours for £395 or best offer.