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Indo-Persian Mameluke Sabre £645

A very interesting and unique mameluke sabre of North Indian, Afghan or Persian origin.

This piece is of indeterminate precise origins because it is just so unique, whilst the mamelike hilt appears to be very similar to European ones rather than shamshir it has been made in a way similar to North Indian or Afghan cast brass hilts, whilst the blade appears to be a Persian export blade with Indian Ferrara markings. Overall a very interesting piece.

The sword is definitely a cutter, its balance is very forward and even holding it "en guard" it wants to move, something personally I find really endearing in a sword.

The sword is in good condition for its age with a nice clean blade that I cleaned when I received it (it was covered in active rust after being in an abandoned estate for a few years) and there are the remains of some delicate cross-hatching gold koftgari. This sword can be yours for £645 or best offer.


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