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C1680 Hounslow Hanger £1345

An absolutely stunning example of a Hounslow hanger, these rare hangers are in my opinion the ultimate examples of 17th century British swords, being made usually in Hounslow and with so many interesting additions that show off the fashions of the 17th century.

This sword has many of the features that make Hounslow hangers so special, it has the clipped point, the pierced blade, the ornate hilt and the remains of its original velvet grip.

This is a short and broad blade with very attractive fullering, the piercings in the blade are more common among rapiers but I have owned a few examples of pierced hangers.

The guard and quillon show a hunting scene and a bird/mythical beast.

This sword has some cosmetic blemishes but is in good solid condition.

This sword can be yours for £1345 or best offer.


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