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C1750 Ganga Jumani Tulwar £925

A stunning and complicated tulwar with the delicate gold and silver koftgari work often known as Ganga Jumani, the hilt is quite simply stunning with lotuses picked out in gold and the borderwork in silver. The sword's blade is also very interesting as I believe it is a touch older than the hilt, likely an heirloom blade fitted to a hilt for a new owner. The age can be seen in the faux European markings which depict multiple engravings of the "Running Wolf" of Passau, this marking is usually seen on 16th to 17th-century blades and I believe that the blade dates to the late 17th century.

In addition to the silver and gilt work the hilt is also very well made with a ridged disc pommel, chiseled fluted pommel and knucklebow finial.

The sword is in solid condition with minimal wear to the silver and gold work, there is some age related staining to the blade that is purely cosmetic and could be further cleaned with ease.

This sword can be yours for £945 or best offer.


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