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18th Century EIC Tulwar £950

A new favourite of mine and an incredible specimen of early Anglo-Indian arms related to the Honourable East India Company. Following the Battle of Plassey and the EIC expansion into deeper territories in the Indian Subcontinent both territorially and militarily the EIC military gained a large number of Indian officers in their native regiments and this sword likely belonged to one of those men. The sword whilst relatively simple is well made with well chiseled lines, silver dot work and has an absolute monster of a wootz blade, not the sword of a prince but the sword of a wealthy career soldier who could afford a quality Persian wootz blade. What identifies the sword as a piece carried by an oficer of the EIC is the EIC heart stamp and the date 1797.

The sword is in good condition for its age with some cosmetic wear to the hilt, the blade is in near mint condition with the wootz showing before even being etched.

This sword comes with its original scabbard with its worn leather cover which is loose. This sword can be yours for £950 or best offer.


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