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C1700 Bikaner Tulwar £750

A rather hefty sword marked with the old Gujarati punch-marked numerals and script based on Sanskrit which is iconically used by arms and armour of the Bikaner Armoury, the Armoury accumilated by Anup Singh where this sword most likely originated.

The sword has a well chiseled tulwar hilt that is very reminiscent of the Lucknow hilts as described by Rawson, the blades is very large and broad with a deep false edge in what I would call a Persian style. While this sword is not cleaned or etched yet but with the Persian blade style and the punch marks it is likely this sword is wootz steel. The sword is in good condition with some salt and pepper cosmetic wear, the hilt has some shallow pitting but the blade could likely be polished with very little effort and I will likely do if this sword doesn't sell quickly. The sword can be yours for £750 or best offer.


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