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1827 Royal Dockyard Batallion £675

A rather rare sword to a senior officer of the Royal Dockyard Batallion, soldiers of the Royal Navy charged with the defence of the British coast which was under threat by the French. As with many units these were formed to prevent a French invasion and were often affiliated by their local regiment and garrison artillery units.

The brass scabbard was more common among the Royal Dockyard Battalion than the Royal Navy but still indicated a higher ranked officer, usually of commander rank or above. This is a high quality sword by Wilkinson with a sadly illegible number and is unresearched. The sword is a higher end piece and has obviously had money spend on it, there are very pleasant frost etchings and the lions head and backstrap are of better than usual quality. There are some marks of cosmetic staining on the blade and above the final wire wrap on the hilt there is a section of shagreen missing. This sword can be yours for £675 or best offer.



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