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C1900 Trophy Ethiopian Saif £525

A rare and interesting Ethiopian Saif from the reign of Menelik II in the late 1880s through to 1913, this piece has seen action through to the beginning of World War II and has been modified with a trophy coin of Italy from the Second Italo-Ethiopian War.

The coin likely means it was used during the Christmas Offensive (really a counter offensive) which for a while had the Italians on the back foot or potentially carried by the Ethiopian rebels who refused to capitulate the last uncolonized country in Africa.

The sword is constructed of a multi part horn grip and an imported German or French steel blade.

This example has very well chiseled floral motifs, a profile portrait of the Emperor and the initials MK for Menelik.

The sword has evidence if sharpening and is in good condition for its age.

This sword can be yours for £525 or best offer.


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