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C1820 Kurdish Jambiya £155

A rather pleasant Kurdish jambiya, a type of dagger I have made a habit of looking out for these as they are very similar but have such a huge amount of tiny variations. Compared to the last one I found this one is more workmanlike but still has some nice features, the scabbard is absolutely incredible and the hollow grinding on the blade is wonderful. There is a pattern visible on the blade but I am unsure if it is wootz as it fades very soon after etching and as this blade has some wear I do not want to polish out it's history.

This jambiya dates to the early 19th century and has some cosmetic wear, there is some minor damage to the hilt and it only has one rivet decoration, the other has been peened down presumably to allow for it to be worn against the body more comfortably. This dagger can be yours for £185 or best offer. Reduced to £155 for Swordvent!


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