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C1800 Wootz Baluch Jambiya £895

A very rare example of a wootz jambiya from Baluchistan, carried by the Baluchi hill tribes of what is now Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. These daggers would have been carried by the tribal warriors collectively known to Europeans as the "Tigers of Baluchistan". Famously these warriors were greatly sought after and fought fiercely against all comers, with many of them joining the British military, most prominently Jacobs Rifles (which was originally the 1st Balooch Rifles) they were occasionally considered the only force suitable for actions against the tribal Baluchis. The dagger is made of Persian wootz with silver fittings and an ebonised hardwood handle, the scabbard is lambs leather with silver fittings, the peen block has been hidden with a small piece of turquoise.

This dagger can be yours for £875 or best offer.


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