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C1800 Kutch Shamshir £1450

A stunning example of a Kuch shamshir, these pieces are iconic of the Kutch area of what is now Gujarat. These are a very well known style or regional sword, all of these swords are moderately to extremely curved pieces and are often copper, gold, wootz and velvet. This piece has all four elements.

I would say as far as these Kutch pieces go this one is in the mid range, these tend to sell at auction for the £4000-6000 mark and I have been looking for an affordabe one for a long time!

The sword is in excelent condition with lots of it gilt remaining over the scabbard and some to the hilt, the velvet is original and in good shape with some small cosmetic losses. The blade is close grained wootz.

This sword can be yours for £1450 or best offer.

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