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C1800 Knights Head Spadroon £575

This sword of an exceptionally interesting design is potentially either a non regulation infantry officers sword perhaps from the time of the Treaty of Amiens when it became popular among French officers to carry a British style sword during the short lived peacetime between Britain and France (the same was true to a lesser extent of British officers carrying swords reminiscent of French styles) or the five ostrich feathers on the rear of the knights head pommel could represent the armorial crest of either the Clinton family (British soldiers who fought in the American Colonies) or of the Astley family who raised a local militia in Norfolk. The sword is shaped similarly to a 1796 infantry officers spadroon with a Prosser style pipeback quill point blade, a 1796 style knucklebow, a knights head pommel with five ostrich feathers and a half guard. What is most spectacular is the grip which is cast or rolled gold to mimic the appearance of wire. The blade is marked to Brander and Potts, a London gunsmith operating from 1802 to 1829, they occasionally made blades and many of the ones I have come across are the Prosser type quillbacks. This unique sword can be yours for £750 or best offer. Reduced to £575.

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