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C1800 Century Pierced Smallsword £375

This sword featuring in my short article "A Study on Smallswords", the sword is an English pierced cut steel with intricate designs worked into the guard and pommel. The sword has a hollow ground triform smallsword blade.

This sword is of a style that was potentially made under Matthew Boulton at the Soho Mint c1800. He was responsible for some of the most intricate and artistic smallswords to come out of Britain, truly making these weapons into works of art. The pommel and guard both have stands of arms on them amongst the openwork. I have seen two swords identical to this and they all have the same sturdy plain blades. Condition wise the sword is in a decent shape for its age, whilst the turkshead knots are present the grip wire is absent. There is one small notch to the blade. This sword can be yours for £375 or best offer.


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