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C1800 British Indian Baker Longarm £1750

A fascinating piece and the first Baker that I have ever had in my personal stock. These British Indian pieces are interesting and a bit of a mystery as they were made with British barrels and locks but Indian produced stocks. The brass fittings are found both of British or Indian manufacture. This piece has the British barrel and lock with an interestingly made patch box in the Indian made stock. The stock has been carved much like the stocks of privately purchased "Officer" Baker rifles. Interestingly the British made lock has been engraved with an elephant bearing a howdah.

The bayonet lug fits both a British (tightly) and an Indian (a touch loose) Baker rifle bayonet but there may be some discrepancies among various makers.

The dark stain is very similar to that used on the Brunswicks of Indian and Nepalese soldiers. This piece has some wear from age, the stock has shrunk slightly and has a few cosmetic bruises repaired with pitch. The rifling has worn down a lot or been removed.

This rare longarm can be yours for £1750 or best offer. Since this is a rarer and hence pricier piece I will be considering trades and part exchanges.

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