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C1780's Windsor Type Guards Spadroon £995

This incredible example of the Windsor style pre regulation spadroon used by senior officers and officers of the Foot Guards dating to approximately the 1780's. This sword has a very interesting guard reminiscent of the 1796 style spadroons but with bars similar to the shearing swords of the 1750's. The guard has over 50% of its gilt remaining and a tight twisted grip wire, the guard is decorated with engraved floral motifs. The blade is that of a smallsword, possibly of German origin with the famous double-sided "FOR MY COUNTRY AND KING" engraving as well as the coat of arms. The blade has most of its gilt in the recesses of the engravings and has most of the remains of its blueing with the blueing fading about one third down the blade.

The scabbard is in immaculate condition with a few sections of leather tightening round the seam but with all stitching intact. For reference there is a similar example in the Windsor Palace Collection, ID number 72727. This incredibly rare sword can be yours for £1150 or best offer. This has been reduced to £995.


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