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C1780 Anglo Iberian Five Ball Spadroon £625

A spadroon belonging to an officer of Spanish origin serving the British crown. During the Peninsular wars there were many emigre soldiers who went to Britain to fight for the rights of their national pride and the royalist cause of Europe, officers like these sometimes served in emigre regiments or simply served alongside British officers in both the Army and Navy. The sword can be identified by the Spanish "For The King" inscription and the British cypher on the blade that was most likely made in Solingen for the British market. Also it is an interesting sword because its a pre regulation spadroon of the five ball variety with an urn pommel and a rather long smallsword blade with a blue and gilt first third. Overall an exceptionally rare sword with the majority of these Anglo Iberian swords being of the 1796 infantry variety hinting that this was an extremely early emigre officer. This sword can be yours for £625 or best offer.


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