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C1750 French Double Musket £975

A stunning gentleman's longarm which has evolved over the 18th century, this gun was made by Tordu of Versailles in the mid 18th century and c1775 the gun was remade as a percussion firearm by Benoit Penel, a master cutler and gunsmith at St Etienne.

This piece is just incredible, it shows not neglect but love. The wood is worn but you can see where it has been worn down by potential generations of hands, the floral carvings, the silver cartouche and the decorations worn by use. There is even delightfully a small area of discolouration on the left barrel remaining from one of the previous owners thumbprint! The locks are in good condition with incredibly strong springs. There is a small loss to the cushion.

This longarm can be yours for £975 or best offer.

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