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C1700 Transitional Rapier £950

A rather unique sword with a blade made by one of the premier makers of both Solingen and Toledo, Heinrich Kolle. A German born bladesmith who rose to fame in Solingen before moving part of his operation to Toledo where his swords were made under the name Enrique Coel. Whilst I have never found any evidence of an English location I have handled two blades marked Henry Cole which I believe to be blades made by Kolle, once again changing his name for branding purposes.

The sword is likely manufactured for sale in Germany, Holland or England as it has the engraved words "Soli Deo Gloria" which is often used as a Protestant or Reform slogan as one of their fundamental principles.

The sword itself is a transitional rapier leaning more towards smallsword with a slightly earlier rapier blade. The guard is rather plain and workmanlike cut steel with a tight steel and copper wire grip.

The sword is in overall good condition for its age, there is an even patina with some minor salt and pepper ageing with two small sections of corrosion towards the centre of the blade. This sword can be yours for £1150 or best offer.

This piece has been reduced to £900 for Swordvent!


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