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C1700 Transitional Smallsword £725

A rather impressive piece, this piece is a truly international work of art, the blade is unmarked but more than likely German in origin. I have noted the exact same engravings on two bavarian swords dating to the early 18th century and one English mortuary hilt dating to the mid to late 17th century.

The blades form is of a hexagonal section of proportions normally seen on earlier rapiers.

The hilt is of polished latticed cut and filed steel, a pattern most usually reserved for silver hilts and another remnant from the age of the rapier, the lattice style guards being relatively common among English and Scottish pieces of the late 17th century. The grip wire and pierced style however screams French.

The cut steel also features a hollow pommel, ferrule and quillon terminal.

Due to the ambiguity of this sword, it will be in both British and Continental sections of the catalogue. This sword can be yours for £925 or best offer. Reduced to £725!


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