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C1630 Spanish Bilbo £1595

A gorgeous example of a Spanish colonial style bilbo, this is a rather fun mix of the Iberian rapier and broadsword. These swords were used as early as the 16th century and the style persisted up until the 18th century with the 1728 Spanish cavalry sword.

This particular piece I would place in the middle of this range dating to the mid 17th century, it has a rather attractive hilt of a type that can be seen in a painting by Eugenio Caxés commemorating the siege of San Juan in Puerto Rico in 1625.

The grip is bound copper wire with iron supports and has a rather lovely unmarked broadsword blade with a deep single fuller.

This sword has some cosmetic wear but is in good condition with a deep patina.

This sword can be yours for £1595 or best offer.


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