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C1550 Vijayanagara Katar

This Vijayanagara katar, which is widely accepted to be the oldest known form of Katar, coming from the Vijayanagara empire of India which was overwhelmed and finally ended in between the mid 16th to 17th century, this example being c1550.

With incredible workmanship in the fullering and decorations to the sidebars and hood this is a rare and unique piece.

The six fullered engraved blade ends with a broad tipped point for penetration, these katars all have the hooded hand guard that flows over the had with the sidebars protecting the wrist. The hood and bars have been adorned with decorative cut steel, the side bars also having some yellow metal stars under the grip bar terminals. A great chance to purchase a rare five hundred year old piece of Indian history. This katar can be yours, POA. Due to the price of this I would like to remind that I do consider trades or part exchanges.


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