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Austrian Werndl Rifle

This is a nice example of a single-shot breechloading rifle that the Austro-Hungarian army adopted in 1867 as a replacement to their current arms.

I have to say this loading mechanism is just poetry, it's so pleasing to work and has a firm set of springs in the action. ŒWG (Österreichische Waffenfabriksgesellschaft) produced the Werndl and chambered it for the 11mm scharfe Patrone M.67 (11.15×42mmR) cartridge. In 1877, the military rechambered the Werndl for the bottleneck 11mm scharfe Patrone M.77 (11.15×58mmR) cartridge. This model had a long life and it was used by a significant number of nations across the world, examples being found as late as WW1. This example is stamped with serial number "872" on the lockplate, with numbers 33 and 35 on the wooden stock but, numbers 016 on the barrel and and 78B on the receiver. The top of the receiver is marked Werndl and the top of the barrel "S+69" and "GB". The metal butt plate is stamped "59R * 1B /1 * 182".

This rifle can be yours for £650 or best offer.


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