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A Mystery Sabre Tachi

This sword is an absolute mystery, the blade is from a Koto Era Tachi which at latest puts it as being mid 16th century although the people who I have had look at this for me all believe it is from a few centuries previous to that. This tachi blade has then been added to the guard of a British Victorian sabre with a large oversized acorn pommel used to hide the rest of the uncut tang. This sabre was most likely put together in its current form in the 19th century, presumably after Japan opened up its borders and started modernising its military. It could have been one of the Imperial Japanese attempts to retain their sword and heritage whilst coming up to date to the needs of the more European style of armed forces or it could have been a blade purchased by a European and mounted when returned from Japan.

Whilst it is a mystery as to why it was made this way it is absolutely an incredible piece of military history and a rare opportunity to own a blade that is over five hundred years old. The blade has some pitting and stabalised rust, the sword is missing its tip. I have not looked into having it repolished as I like it in its current unaltered state.

This sword can be yours for £1650 or best offer.

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