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A. F. Bradshaws Rifle

This is the rifle of A. F. Bradshaw who was featured in the article on this site a few months ago. The rifle was gifted to Bradshaw in 1895 after the successful Hazara punitive expedition.

it Bears the engraving "Hazara Field Force, India, 1895" on the side of the blockplate. Then on the back of the grip, "Presented to Surgeon Major General Sir A. F. Bradshaw K. C. B. from your indebted comrades".

The rifle has a curly maple stock with one loss towards the forestock. The metal fittings are all steel with the block being silver or chrome plated. The bore is good and the rifling is crisp, there is a drill hole to the top of the barrel which I assume was done as an early deactivation. This obsolete rifle can be yours for £850 or best offer.

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