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A C1800 French Epee A l’Anglaise £385

This sword is a wonderful clash of cultures at conflict. These swords became popular around the time of the Treaty of Amiens in 1802 when for a short time there was peace between Britain and France. These existed beforehand but the newfound peace gave an opportunity to create a new non regulation sword.

This sword is the French interpretation of the British five ball spadroon that came into vogue between 1780 and 1800.

This sword has a highly dercorative pommel with descending oak leaves and a facsimile of the five ball hilt (this example has six nodules on the knucklebow) and a five ball sidering. The grip is knurled ebony with a mother of pearl diamond inset. The blade is a stunning example of a French flattened diamond section smallsword blade.

This sword can be yours for £425 or best offer. Reduced to £385.


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