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C1820 Silver Inlaid Tulwar £350

This is a tulwar I'm quite a fan of, this piece is a true workman's weapon. The sword of a career soldier or mercenary, something in constant need I'm.the tumultuous times at the begining of the 19th century on the Indian subcontinent.

This tulwar started off as a munitions grade piece which over the course of its career has been modified and decorated, presumably along with the wealth or rank as the owner.

This piece has been well service sharpened as you can see with the looseness of the scabbard where the blade has been ground down and the difference in the blade shape where the edge hardening fluctuates. The silver has been added at some point and points to the silver work of the North Western frontier. The leather of the scabbard has also been added as originally these munitions grade pieces would have sack cloth or similar covers.

The sword is in good condition for its age with some cosmetic darkening on the blade and the peen has been redone presumably when the hilt had its silver inlay added.

This sword can be yours for £350 or best offer.


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