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WW1 British Indian Army Sword £395

A WW1 period British Indian Army sword, this piece is a hexagonal slug "Best Proved" sword purchased for the British Army in India. The Wilkinson ledger is blank but from experience I would say that this is a batch order purchased by an officer to be sent to the officers in India. I have seen a few consecutive swords where a batch has been purchased by an officer to be sent to a former or associated regiment in India (though many were also just sent to the Indian Stores Department) and only the first sword will have the name.

These swords were of vital importance in India, one of the last home or garrison areas in the British Empire where swords were used often. Also it made sense for these British and Native officers to have top quality Best Proved swords as only the top graduates from the British military colleges were sent to India, not to mention that the Indian army tended to go to Africa where once again melee combat was key.

This sword is in good condition with very little cosmetic wear, just some minor wear to the plating, just one patch of the scabbard has some damage.

This sword can be yours for £395 or best offer.


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