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Jacobite Exile Hunting Hanger £1450

This is an exceptional piece and shows the complicated conflicts and international relationships in Europe. The sword, made in France in 1767, was more than likely purchased by either a Jacobite refugee after fleeing Britain or a sympathiser of the cause. The scabbard for this hanger has been made with Scottish style leatherworking, the linear and cross-hatching designs are seen often on mid-18th-century broadsword scabbards, the silverwork also depicts stags antlers, a sporran and a thistle. The silverwork bears the French silver tax stamp for 1767 and has been very intricately worked with dog head quillons and hunting motifs. The blade of this sword is a Solingen piece engraved with running beasts, mounted in France on a turtle shell grip.

This rare example of a Jacobite sword can be yours for £1450 or best offer.

Reduced to £1325 for Swordvent!

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