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19th Century Bhutanese Patang £345

A fine Bhutanese Patag or short sword that is part of the national identity and attire of Bhutanese warriors, carried as a part of civilian dress and uniforms of office. This martial culture bridges the gap between Indopersian and Indochinese weapons. These short single edged cut and thrust swords are traditionally worn on the right hip interestingly like the Roman gladius.

This example has a hardwood grip, a pointed blade with two fullers. The scabbard and fittings are Bhutanese silver with a hammered design depicting the Druk, the dragon which is the Bhutanese national symbol. Interestingly enough this blade has the remaining impression of a cross on the rear of the blade which marks it out as a defiled blade, one that was used in battle. This sword is £345 or best offer.


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