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19th Cent Gold Inlaid Caucasian Kindjal £800

Here we have a stunning example of a kindjal, the Caucasian large dagger or short sword, in use throughout the region and is iconic of Georgian warriors and Cossacks.

This kindjal has a wonderful feel in the hand with a well made grip and a large blade.

The blade has a pair of offset fullers and there is a deep cartouche that originally would have carried a makers inscription which, like many examples has worn. This example is early to mid 19th century of exceptional quality. The hilt is of ivory with gold inlaid iron fittings. The scabbard is leather and iron.

This piece contains ivory and will not be shipped overseas. As the grips contain thin layers of ivory this is being sold under the de minimis exception.

This kindjal can be yours for £950 or best offer. Reduced to £800 for Swordvent!


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