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18th Century Wootz Shamshir £1350

A stunning example of a wootz sword, this piece is leaving my personal collection after being replaced with a similar sword and a near-identical blade with a guard more fitting with my other mameluke style pieces. This sword has a hefty blade bearing a dotwork armoury marking bearing a remarkable resemblance to a fleur de lis. The blade is one large piece of laddered wootz in a sharply curved shamshir blade. The blade was likely made in Persia due to the size and mounting, the guard is a traditional mameluke style in brass with acorn terminals very much in the European style. The hilt is a single piece of organic tusk, the hilt has been held solid with a pitch like resin and has a brass knot hole in the pommel. This exceptional piece can be yours for £1350 or best offer.


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