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18th Century Basket Hilt Kirach £625

This is an great clean example of a rare kirach. What originally attracted me to this was the absolutely stunning pierced South Indian basket hilt which on further observation has heavy silver plating and a gold wash. The grip, pommel and langets are heavily carved and engraved with chisel and filework. The blade is in near perfect shape, the forward angled blade has two neat fullers bearing a cross hatched mark on one side and the double eyelash mark on the other side. The blade is laminated but I have not etched it, there is a telltale line on the back edge of the blade showing the lamination so there may be an interesting pattern when etched. Interestingly this sword has a grip larger than most 18th century South Indian pieces I have held. This sword can be yours for £750 or best offer.

Reduced to £625 for Swordvent!

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