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1897 Wilkinson Sword Of Capt. A. I. MacPherson

This sword belonging to Captain Allen Iver MacPherson was present when the first shots on land were fired in the First World War.

During some standard patrols the Gold Coast Regiment was moving into Togoland to take Lome where the local German police forces attacked the Gold Coast soldiers, the first shot of the war were famously fired by Alhaji Grunshi. Lt MacPherson was a young Lieutenant commissioned in 1911 and after a short pre war stint in the Suffolk Regiment he transferred for the war to the Gold Coast Regiment in 1913 where he was a member of the West African Frontier Force, taking active part in the East Africa Campaign, distinguishing himself by capturing the German flag from their colonial capital building in Lome.

Captain MacPherson is featured in the "The Gold Coast Regiment in the East African Campaign" by Hugh Charles Clifford K.C.M.G. The book speaks of some of Macphersons activities and engagements with the German and Colonial troops. The sword has been there and done that, when it came to me the hilt and scabbard was covered in a fine layer of rust which I have done my best to gently clean, the hilt is in good condition and the scabbard I have not cleaned too much, I have left the grip as is with some shagreen losses and its silver wire for the most part intact.

This sword can be yours for £500 or best offer.

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