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1827 Pattern to 1st Balooch Rifles

This Rifle officers sword belonged to one of the original officers of the 1st Balooch rifles who within three months were redesignated as Jacob's Rifles. These were one thousand British and native soldiers who were used to the combat and landscapes of the local area and they were famous for keeping the peace and using their famous Double Rifles invented by John Jacob as an improvement on the Brunswick.

This sword would have belonged to one of the few officers who were there at the founding of the Regiment and they must have ordered their sword before they heard of the Regiments renaming. We know that the regiment was one thousand men and there were nine hundred double rifles ordered and issued leaving one hundred officers and NCO's making this potentially one of the scarcest unnamed swords in the British Indian Army. The 1st Balooch, later Jacob's Rifles, were ferocious soldiers using modern technology and skirmishing tactics alongside the fighting styles they were raised with to become a formidable force.

The sword is a standard 1850's piquet weight Rifle officers sword with an incredible blade bearing the engraved regimental name. The guard has been blackened and the grip has some wear.

The swords makers mark is quite faded with the only readable part being the end of the name "...nning". The location appears to say "LITTLE BRITAIN" which I assume to mean a residency or British quarter of Jacobabad.


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