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1827 Master At Arms Sabre £700

An uncommon 1827 Pattern Master At Arms sword, this one dates from the late Victorian Period and is named to a William Brady. There is a photo associated with the sword but sadly the original copy didn't come with the sword. Masters At Arms are the oldest rank in the British navy, originally being in charge of the weapons stores as well as training in their use, essentiall a ships senior fighting instructor. Later on they were also placed in the position of keeping discipline among ships companies making them the naval equivalent to provosts. This sword is in very near original condition, still retaining most of its gilt and its original mirror polished blade. The grip is black shagreen as would be expected with a Master At Arms sword. As Warrant officers Master At Arms would often take swords from stores making this piece very interesting, the quality is of a private purchase making this either a presentation sword or MAA Brady was a very proud Navy man who wanted his own sword. In the photo of him he is wearing medals that appear to be the Egypt Medal, the Khedive Star and the Naval Long Service Medal. Unfortunately I have hit a dead end researching this chap but if anyone has seen a reference to him please feel free to get in touch. This sword can be yours for £700 or best offer.

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